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All applications are to be turned in electronically by
midnight on Thursday, September 14th.

Please be advised late applications will not be accepted. Individuals
with exceptional applications will be invited back for interviews.

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Committee Descriptions : 


Family Relations Committee (9) - Being the personal liaisons for our amazing Miracle Families! We plan Family Day events where we spend time and celebrate our Miracle kids with themed parties, dinners, and fun activities. Each member will be assigned to a Miracle Family and will be responsible for attending some of their extracurricular activities and taking care of them during the Dance Marathon event. If you're ready to build a strong, personal connection with some outstanding Miracle Families, this is the committee for you!

Internal Committee (3) - The Internal Committee is a year long planning committee that consists of helping plan Dance Marathon by bringing forth ideas and setting up a logistics plan for that specific event. This includes brainstorming cost effective ideas, getting supplies for Dance Marathon, and other creative strategies that fall under Dance Marathon. In addition to this, the Internal Committee also assists in executing the plans on the day of Dance Marathon and making sure that everything runs smoothly as possible.


Mini Marathon Committee (3) - Assist in guiding Mini Marathons as the Mini Marathon Co-Chairs see best fit. You will attend meetings, build relationships with the students, and assist the collaborative programs in hosting the mot successful Mini Marathon and/or event there is to offer. Mini Marathon Committee Applicants must be enthusiastic about KSU Miracle and desire to help grow the organization through the community, must be able to work well with younger kids (middle/high) and help them develop leadership skills by leading as an example. Be able to establish professional relationships with the teachers at the schools and remain in good relations with them, and must be committed to growing the program by being available for meetings weekly at the schools (some are close to an hour drive).

Hospital Relations Committee (2) - The Hospital Relations Committee is expected to help aid in both the preparation and execution of the hospital parties scheduled each month. Committee members will assist in choosing the activities and crafts, find the necessary supplies, and encourage other members to attend all Hospital Parties. Committee members will extend their presence throughout the community to gain donations of dessert, pizza, and juice for our two major events. Committee members will be expected to attend hospital parties and tours throughout the semester, while establishing relationships with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


Recruitment Committee (5) - Expected to keep in contact with campus organizations, freshmen, and our KSU alumni throughout the year by keeping them up to date with certain events, push days, updates, etc. Members are expected to attend a majority of our PR tabling events and helping the Recruitment Chairs come up with creative ways to keep the student body involved and engaged in KSU Miracle.

Special Events Committee (7) - Will be able to assist in planning events throughout the year, contact vendors such, but not limited to: food trucks, sponsors, entertainment, etc., execute aspects of each event on respective event dates, and attend all planned events. Special Events Committee members must be eager about each event held and be able to promote each one through social media and PR.


Fundraising Committee (5) - Help brainstorm and execute ideas to raise funds and educate miracle makers, committee members, morale captains, and executive board members on how to fundraise and utilize donor drive.

Corporate Sponsorship Committee (2) - Assisting in soliciting in-kind donations for events. Responsible for assisting with acquiring donations of food and drink for Dance Marathon at little or no cost, providing food at any events before Dance Marathon, and arranging percentage nights at local restaurants.


Specialty Committee** (3) - Have skills in video, writing, marketing, and/or social media. They will serve to gather content from events including Special Events, PR Tables, Day Of, and other marketable happenings. This committee will be selected on the merit of their work. Organized under Social Media Chair. 

**To apply for this committee please send an email with your portfolio of work or writing smaples to the Marketing Director at in addition to filling out the committee application otherwise you will not be considered for a position on this committee. Portfolio must contain no less than 15 images for a photo submission, 3 videos for video submission, examples of audio experience such as mix tracks or recording files, or a combination of the previously listed. Please send a compressed file folder or a link to your online portfolio. 


Please take time to fill out these questions based on your experiences along
with your vision for this year in regards to KSU Miracle!

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What is a Committee and what is their role in the KSU Miracle family? 

A committee is a great way to get your feet wet in KSU Miracle. A committee is better described as group of individuals that are dedicated to fostering a specific role on the Executive Board and that are entrusted with a wide range of responsibilities. A committee member’s role is to assist in the planning and executing of any events and/or goals and to champion our families, support our hospital, and to engage our campus. Being a part of a committee is a premier leadership opportunity on Kennesaw State University’s campus and it is one of the most direct ways to impact our cause.

  • Fully commit in stewarding this prestigious role by and not limited to :
    • Having a minimum fundraising goal of $300.
    • Attending AT LEAST 3 PR tabling events a semester.
    • Going to 1 Hospital Party a semester.
    • Participating in AT LEAST 2 Family Days a semester.
    • Attending All-board Meeting when instructed by your department.
    • Participating in Dance Marathon.
    • Staying true to the purpose of KSU Miracle.

for filling out this application and for showing interest in being a member of a KSU Miracle Committee this year!  You'll hear back shortly.