Eleven Years of Fundraising

Over the past 10 years, Miracle at Kennesaw State has raised $720,238 for the kids.

This year, in an effort to recognize our miracles worth a million, we pledge to raise $279,762.

Sounds like a super specific number?
That’s because it’s the exact number we need to raise to have given $1 MILLION to CHOA over the course of eleven years.

We want to raise $279,762 to put our money where are miracles are and show that they are truly our miracles worth a million.


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In 3 days, Miracle at Kennesaw State is celebrating our Miracles Worth A Million. After this year, we hope to have collectively given Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta $1 Million over the course of our 11 years. In preparation for Dance Marathon, I am trying to raise $11 to celebrate the impact that our donations have had on the children and families of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. In order to help Miracle at Kennesaw State make a million miracles for Children’s, I humbly ask for your help. Any donation amount can improve the life of a child.


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In 3 days, I am participating in Dance Marathon at Kennesaw State University. In 3 days, with Miracle at Kennesaw State, we as a campus are coming together to celebrate our Miracles Worth a Million. In 3 days, we hope to have collectively given Children’s $1 Million after our 11th year. Help me raise $11 today to honor the tremendous impact that we have been able to help Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have on improving the lives of children and families.