Fundraising Tips

You can get donations in a ton of different ways, 

Try one of the methods below to get started on your fundraising goal!


The Facebook Post

This is the most common was of getting donations, post your DonorDrive link alongside this template below and replace with your name!


This year i have the privilege of serving on the executive board for KSU Miracle, the largest student-run philanthropy at Kennesaw State, raising money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Although we’re just broke college students, we have a passion to raise money for the next generation. Our money now directly benefits the KSU Miracle OTPT Speech Therapy Rehabilitation Center, helping children right in our backyard - the brand new Town Center extension of CHOA.

I have a HUGE personal goal of raising at least $1000 on my own. Please consider clicking the link below to contribute a donation, no amount is too small, and remember all donations are tax-deductible! Thank you so much and don’t forget, its all FOR THE KIDS!

The Facebook Message

Log onto Facebook and see who has the little green dot indicating that they're online, and send them this message! It might seem scary but has a very high success rate!


Hi ______! I know it's been a minute, but I saw you were online and wanted to reach out about a cause I'm really passionate about. I'm helping to raise funds for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and wanted to see if you'd be interested in donating! No pressure at all, but all donations are tax deductible and a donation of even $5 would help me get closer to my goal!

The Venmo Request

Charge your friends and family $1 or $5 on venmo



Donate $1 for KSU Miracle benefiting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta! It's all FTK! Thank you so much!


I'm raising money for KSU Miracle, a nonprofit organization that benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Would you be willing to donate?