Golden Hour

In an adult trauma situation on average one must stabilize the patient within 60 minutes of injury to save their life. With children that time is cut in half. That's right 30 minutes can be the difference in life or death for a child. So we as KSU Miracle challenge you to raise as much as you possibly can in 30 minutes to honor those kids. The clock is ticking!


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In trauma care, the ‘Golden Hour’ refers to the critical 60 minutes from the time of the injury to the time of definitive care. When dealing with a child who suffered a traumatic injury, that golden hour is cut in half to 30 minutes. That’s right, 30 minutes to save a child’s life. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is home to the first state-designated Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in Georgia. During this ‘Golden Hour’, KSU Miracle is trying to raise ______ in _______. If you would like to support the kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, my link is below. Thank you so much, FTK!


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You may have heard the term ‘Golden Hour’, which means the 60 minutes a doctor has to treat a trauma patient. When dealing with a child, do you know how long you have? ONLY 30 MINUTES. Cut in half. During this hour, KSU Miracle is trying to raise __________ in ________________. Help us support the kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta who may face their very own ‘Golden Hour’.