Our Team

Morale Captains are the hype men and women of our KSU Miracle Family. They raise money, attend hospital parties, and learn our Morale Dance to help teach it to dancers at Dance Marathon. Meet this year’s Morale Captains below!


Gold Team

Representing the Grelecki Family

Krista Gibson - “My best friend of 13 years was diagnosed with brain cancer in March of 2016 and was life-flighted to CHOA where she had her brain surgery and recovery. Another friend was also battling bone cancer at another hospital and due to their mistreatment, she ended up losing her leg and she didn’t receive the care she needed until she went to CHOA. CHOA deserves everything and more.”

Max Wrba - “I dance for the kids who never can experience birthday parties or Christmas’s at home whether it be because they are constantly in and out of the hospital or because their fight has ended. I dance to see more kids walking out of those doors at CHOA never looking back.”

Sydney Bartlett - “Helping raise money for Children that can not provide for themselves is my why. I want to use my health to give to others who are not as fortunate as I am. “


Silver team

Representing the Perez and Thomas Families

Angel Ramirez - “My family has gone through CHOA but my main reason I do what I do is because I love watching families light up knowing we made a difference in their lives. I love knowing that I did everything possible to make a difference in someone's life.”

Kenzi Miller - “My family is my why. They are the reason I am so invested in KSU Miracle.”

Hailey Jefford - “I have seen the impact that one person and one experience can make in someone's life. I love helping people and watching them grow as a person. I feel very fortunate with my life, so I love giving back to those who don’t feel the same way.”


black team

Representing the Henderson and Sumrall Families

Jessi Donahue - “I dance for the kids who can’t, for the kids who spend birthdays, Christmas, halloween, etc. in the hospital.”

Andre Alcide - “I hope to leave a legacy with the Delta Chi Chapter and help get us more involved with the community. “

Taylor Heath - “I was born with congenital cataracts and I was at CHOA almost everyday having procedures done. I know the feeling of spending a holiday at CHOA and I am blessed to have left. My why is for the ones that couldn't leave or went to heaven.”

Josie Major - “From a very young age I always had a passion when it comes to kids. After attending my first Dance Marathon I fell completely in love with this organization and everything it does for the kids. I had to get involved.”

White 2.PNG

white team

Representing the Olivieri and Griffin Families

Jailyn Robinson - “To raise money for amazing kids who can’t for themselves and show how important this organization is.”

Tulablue Waldrep - “After seeing the exceptional treatment several of my friends+family have received I knew Childrens was an amazing organization but realizing and seeing the widespread effect and impact CHOA has all over our community made me fall so in LOVE. Every kid no matter their financial circumstance deserves exceptional treatment.”

Melissa Wright - “Seeing the Miller family and hearing their story.”

Wil Clavecilla - “I had a teammate that passed away my freshman year. He was a very good person during life and I try to do good in his name.”


pink team

Representing the Slade Triplets

Marina Buromskikh - “To help raise money, awareness, and love for the families, kids, nurses who are involved with CHOA. I have so much energy and time to offer for those who need it.”

Hannah Rush - “My why is because I wanted to be apart of Mircale in a bigger way than I was last year. I love engaging and interacting with people.”

Jenna Anderson - “My why is Davis Tillery. My sisters’ brother has had the greatest impact on my life. His positivity has encouraged me to dance for the kids and all who can’t.”

Juilianna Rabin - “Because being apart of a team to positively influence everyone around, is just amazing.”


purple team

Representing the Butler and Spradlin Families

Cambryn Adams - “My sister, at just a few weeks old she had to be life flighted to the hospital with RSN. She was there for a week. CHOA saved her life and helped me keep my best friend.”

Bailey Brown - “I dance for those who can’t, to raise awareness and help make miracles happen! I raise money for the kids at CHOA, my friends and family and for all the kids who may need miracles now more than ever.”

Elysee Busbee - “My why is because I want to make a difference in our community. I believe this world needs more people who care for others.”

Ashley Michalski - “I want to be able to give back to an organization that has given so much to me. I have a personal connection with CHOA, si I was able to see how outstanding of an institution they are.”

green team

Representing the Miller Family

Cameron Hartnett - “Kyle Ponder and every other kid is my why. Hearing my best friend’s story opened my eyes of how CHOA changes lives.”

Ashley Russo - “Two years ago I was diagnosed with MS, and CHOA were the doctors that helped me get diagnosed when no other doctors could figure out what was wrong. I dance for the kids and college students like me thats lives were greatly impacted by CHOA like mine was.”

Sydney Crisp - “My why is my friends little sister Olivia Genn. a few years ago she had a cancerous lump in her arm and the treatments lead her to get leukemia. She is in remission today and is one of the strongest people I know. She is one of the many reasons I do this.”

Christina Gagne - “Recently, I have been put in the shoes of a family that has a sick immediate member so I got to experience how truly scary it is. I want to push to help all families going through the same to know that they have support during their process.”


blue team

Representing the Kollas and Montague Families

Jesse Dalfanso - “I wanted to get more involved in our community. When this opportunity arose and I couldn't pass it up.”

Kendall Habowski - “I dance for the kids who follow in my footsteps at Scottish Rite. I dance for those who no longer can.”

Raven Blevins - “I dance for the generations behind me, so that one day they’ll be able to dance for the next generation.”


yellow team

Representing the Hopkins Family

Abigail Leibowitz - “I know personally I’ve been closer with a child who had gone through the hospital system his whole life. I got the opportunity to see first hand how much hospital staff clues to help kids through the process. I want to be part of helping other children who are going through the process to make the experience better.”

Morgan Craig - “For the kids who are miracles and for the families so they have one less thing to worry about.”

Erika Trimble - “Every year I fall more in love with KSU Miracle and the families, I have met so many people that have been impacted by CHOA in such a big way. I love being able to give back to something that has helped the people that mean so much to me. “


red team

Representing the James Family

Kaily Cross - “I work with kids who have special needs and see the impact of organizations like Miracle.”

Libby Greene - “To be able to make just a small difference in these children’s lives. I want to be able to help this organization that has helped my brother so much. To dance for the children who can not.”

Jaclyn Regnery - “My why is all the kids who don't get miracles and for families like the Miller’s who inspire me everyday to be more grateful for everyday I get.”