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Miracle Leader Application 



All applications are to be turned in electronically by midnight on Monday, May 29th.


Please be advised late applications will not be accepted. Individuals with exceptional applications will be invited back for interviews.


Please take time to fill out these questions based on your experience and vision for this year in regards to KSU Miracle!

What is a Morale Captain and what is their role in the KSU Miracle family? 

A Morale Captain oversees a color group consisting of Donor Drive registered dancers from the start of the year to Dance Marathon. Morale Captains provide the dancers with mentorship and guidance, and relay any KSU Miracle information to them throughout the course of the whole year. They will be assisting them in every way possible throughout the year and will serve as a leader within the organization

  • Fully commit in stewarding this prestigious role by and not limited to :
    • Having a minimum fundraising goal of $500.
    • Showing up to ALL Dance practices.
    • Attending AT LEAST 3 PR tabling events a semester.
    • Going to 1 Hospital Party a semester.
    • Participating in AT LEAST 2 Family Days a semester.
    • Attending 1 All-board Meeting a month.
    • Showing up to ALL Morale Captain meetings.
    • Attending 1 Hospital Tour a year.
    • Participating in Dance Marathon.
    • Having high energy.
    • Investing in your Color Team year-round.
    • Staying true to the purpose of KSU Miracle.


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The Morale Captain position is a very significant position with more responsibility than a committee member and equal/more responsibility and leadership to that of an Assistant Chair. 


for filling out this application and for showing interest in being a Morale Captain this year!  You'll hear back shortly.