Welcome to OWLS BY 90 Fundraising Push Day!

We are so excited to celebrate the Owls and our favorite Kids by challenging you, our Miracle Maker, to raise $90 today.
Below are three different fundraising templates for you to use in your fundraising efforts.
Use as many as you need to help you reach your goal!


Note: If you are saving any of these images from an iPhone, press and hold the image, swipe up, and then save the image.

Instagram story 1

We’re throwing it back to old-style telethon fundraising with this football gauge graphic here. Save the image, upload it to your Instagram story, and use the marker tool to gradually fill your football up as you raise money throughout the day.

The gauge is broken into $10 increments, so feel free ask people for $10 at a time. Or, if you prefer, don’t even bother with asking for a certain amount and just focus on filling the whole football!

Instagram story 2

If you prefer to use even smaller chunks than $10, that’s cool, too! We’ve made this graphic for you to use to request people on Venmo. Save the image, upload it to your Instagram story, and then use the “poll” tool to ask people if they’d like to donate.

Most people use the options $1 or $3. Since it’s a football themed fundraising day, you can stay in theme by asking for a field goal donation ($3) or a touchdown donation ($6).

After that, follow up and request them the amount they selected on Venmo!

PS - if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your venmo, that’s okay! Just use the white marker on Instagram to cover up that section of the graphic.

generic post

This graphic can be used to post on any social media or even sent via email to ask different audiences for donations. Below is a suggested caption to use alongside this picture, but also feel free to use your own words.

This weekend our Kennesaw State football team will be facing off against Monmouth University and we have no doubt they will bring the fight!! In the meantime, I need your help fighting for the patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta during KSU Miracle’s #Owlsby90 Fundraising Push! I have accepted the challenge to raise $90 in 26 hours and I can’t do it without your support! Please consider clicking the link below to donate! Any amount helps tremendously. Thank you in advance and as always, GO OWLS!!!

For the kids,
[your name here]

[Donor Drive link here]


Broken into Tens

Use this post if you prefer to break your $90 fundraising into $10 chunks. Feel free to write people’s names under the football on your Instagram story or tag them on their chosen football as they donate to you.

Keep in mind that breaking your fundraising chunks into smaller amounts is a great way to make your goal a little more tangible to your prospective audience. This is a great way to get friends your own age to donate, too, since it isn’t a huge amount of money.

Need some more fundraising inspiration?
We’ve got you covered…

Untitled design (2).png

Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

You can use the image to the left as a temporary Facebook profile picture to let your friends know that you’re fundraising throughout the day.

1. Download this image.
2. Go to your Facebook profile.
3. Click “update” and upload the image.
4. In the bottom left corner, click “make
temporary” and set it for 24 hours.


Hooty Hoo! Today KSU Miracle is having an #Owlsby90 push day and I have been challenged to raise $90 in 26 hours! Please help me reach my goal For the Kids!

Text or dm

Hi (insert name)! I hope all is well! This year I am a part of KSU Miracle, a non-profit at Kennesaw State University that raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and today we are having a huge #Owlsby90 fundraising push! I have been challenged to raise $90 in 26 hours and I would love your support! I have attached my Donor Drive link below if you would like to check it out! If you feel led to make a donation of any kind I would be incredibly grateful, but if not, no worries!! It only takes 9 donations of $10 to hit my goal and I would love for you to be one of them!! Thank you in advance for your time!

[Donor Drive link here]

Facebook POst

Friends and Family,

I am a part of a campus organization called KSU Miracle that raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Today, I have accepted the challenge to raise $90 to further research and treatment at the hospital, but I need your help! Below is the link to my personal fundraising page, where you can make a tax-deductible donation towards our cause. No amount is too small, and every bit helps the kids at the hospital that need it most.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

For the kids,
[your name here]

[Donor Drive link here]


At KSU Miracle, we’re big believers in #POTA, or Power of the Ask. You never know who will donate to you if you don’t first ask them. This email template can be sent to distant family, friends, professors, old teachers, your boss, or even family friends.

Don’t let a fear of being told no stop you from asking - the most unlikely person could be who helps you reach your goal!

Hello! My name is [name] and I am a part of KSU Miracle. We are a student-run philanthropy organization that benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The money we raise directly funds the construction of the new CHOA Center for Advanced Pediatrics that broke ground earlier this year! We fundraise year-round to raise money for the kids, and each spring we have a 12-hour Dance Marathon as a final celebration of all our hard work. On the day of Dance Marathon, our Kennesaw State students come together to hear stories of fighting and triumph from our Miracle Families, learn a line dance, and foster fellowship with other students who have the same goal in mind - to raise money For The Kids! We are one generation fighting for the next.

Today we are having a huge push day in which we have been challenged to raise $90 in 26 hours! I am working so hard to hit my goal and I would love your support! I would be so appreciative of anything you may be willing to give. Every dollar counts! You can make a tax-deductible donation by using the link I have attached below! Your generosity is invaluable. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know!

Thank you in advance,


[Donor Drive link]